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Engineers Protecting the Past

The field of engineering is mostly known for its commitment to forward momentum. Truly, these are the people whose efforts move the world forward. There are those among them who work to preserve the past, and they deserve recognition for their heroic efforts. If you are an engineer, or considering an educational path in engineering, consider one of the disciplines that would allow you to help with this important duty.

There are many reasons to consider using engineering skills to assist museums, both as a volunteer Or an ac repair expert.

Work and Volunteer in Museums

Engineers work within museums in two primary ways. First, as preservers of delicate pieces, and secondly as people who work to reclaim what has been lost by time and the methods of previous eras. You would be performing a necessary public service if you were to get involved in either of these two areas, and there are no doubt museums nearby who need your assistance.

Preservation is an art that requires a firm grasp of science. We have not preserved as much of the past as we could have, and now it is important to do everything necessary to protect what remains. The engineers who are involved in these passions help create technologies that allow items to be stored for much longer amounts of time. For example, many documents that once could not be read without being destroyed can now be examined in special filtered rooms designed by engineers.

Engineering has also allowed French museums to reexamine pieces that had once been damaged by bad restoration efforts. Thanks to new scanning technologies, the pieces do not even need to be altered for curators to examine what they looked like earlier in their lifespan. That is the same technology that also allows for documents to be thoughtfully examined without touching them at all.

In fact, technology has allowed us to overcome the need for these relics at all. While they cannot be perfectly protected against age, they can be scanned and saved with such accuracy and definition that our ancestors in hundreds of years will be able to see these pieces exactly as they appeared to us. In effect, engineering has allowed our generation to be the first that can overcome deterioration through replication.

French Museums Need Help

Consider offering your engineering services to a French museum. There are many that are working with sensitive pieces who could use the expertise of an engineer to improve how sensitive pieces are stored and persevered.


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